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          ABOUT US

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          Huade Carpet (China) Co., Ltd is one of leading machine-made carpet manufacturers in China. Established in 1986, we introduced advanced equipments from Germany, Britain and Belgium. Today we have ten branch factories in China which are equipped with 66 tufted carpet machines, 45 Wilton carpet machines, 30 Axminster carpet machines, five after-organizing production lines, and two carpet yarn production lines. Our more than 5,000 workforce can supply 100 million square meters of carpet per year, and your urgent orders can be delivered in just seven days....

          We design from the quality, strength in our display case




          精品国产欧美一区二区三区成人,亚洲欧美视频二区,欧美日韩在线视频,国产日韩欧美综合在线 日韩欧美一区,成人欧美一区二区三区白人,亚洲欧美另类一区,欧美在线91